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Bathroom Tiles

Bathroom Tiles :

Use wall and floor tiles to transform your bathroom

Tiles can transform your bathroom into a relaxing or exotic or romantic place of your own design and choosing. You have a range of colors, patterns and materials to work with such as marble, stone and ceramic.

Wall tiles.


Glazed Tiles are the most common. These have a special ceramic coating that is fired under extreme heat. The glazing becomes hard and non-porous which in turn gives it the following properties:
Easy to clean - because of the glazing any dirt or grease won't stick. It is easily cleaned off with a damp cloth and household detergent or water with a drop of vinegar or bleach.
Resistant to germs or mould - because of their non-porous surface.
Won't Scratch - too hard.

You can tile part way up the or tile the full wall depending on your taste.
You can mix and match plain colors to create your own design or interspace a patterned one with colored ones to create a flowing pattern. An old standard was the checkered effect of black and white tiles.
There's also mosaic as well as handmade, hand-molded and hand-painted tiles which produce a stunning finish.

Floor Tiles

Granite tile, marble tile, or slate tile are the tiles most commonly used for bathroom floors but the man-made ceramic tiles are becoming more popular because of the price. There's a variety of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures to choose from. You can get glazed or unglazed ceramic floor tiles, but be careful here because tiles with a nice shiny finish may not be abrasive enough and therefore could be slippy. Always check this before buying and using on the floor.
The only thing wrong with floor tiles in the bathroom is that they are cold.
It's much nicer to get out of the bath or shower and step onto a warm surface...this leads me nicely onto

Underfloor Heating

Electric floor heating turns cold tile floors into warm, welcoming, pleasing to the feet luxurious surface.
A floor heating roll is about 1/8" thick and is installed in thin-set cement just underneath the ceramic tile. It is easily installed is safe and extremely energy-efficient.
Controlled by a thermostat, it will keep your floor at a comfortable temperature and give you the added bonus of a nice ambient warmth in the bathroom as well.

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Because of todays technology there's a multitude of colors, patterns, sizes, shapes, and textures to choose from. This is your special bathroom that you're creating so choose carefully and make it as relaxing and comfy a place that you desire it to be.

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