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Here at our sole aim is to give you, the visitor, an insight into what is available when decorating your bathroom.

Bathroom Accessories

Bathroom accessories provide the finishing touches to any bathroom. These are the little things that can enhance your bathroom and bring it to life.

Bathroom Cabinets :

Bathroom Decor
In planning a room decor the color values should be divided into the natural divisions of the heaviest, or darkest, part at the bottom, which is the floor; the medium color tone in the middle, which is the wall; and the lightest at the top, which is the ceiling.
Bathroom Design
We are quickly moving away from the one-bathroom home. We are also not satisfied with the little powder room that used to be a great attraction for people shopping for homes. The little powder room has grown and the traditional bathing area is gradually turning into a bathroom suite.
Bathroom Fixtures :
The fixtures in your bathroom are the main components and require a little bit of thought. Do you want luxurious and comfy or just plain old functional.? The choice is wide and varied. Fixtures consist of bath tubs, faucets, showers, spas, sinks, bidets, toilets, exhaust fans, lighting, mirrors, window treatments to name a few

Bathroom Tiles
Tiles can transform your bathroom into a relaxing or exotic or romantic place of your own design and choosing. You have a range of colors, patterns and materials to work with such as marble, stone and ceramic.

Bathroom Vanities

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Add Affordable Luxuries to Your Home Now and Reap the Benefits at Resale Time

Roomy showers with multiple fixed and handheld shower heads, steam baths, and whirlpool tubs operated with continuous hot water on demand are nice. So are towel radiators that provide extravagant, warm, fluffy towels to pamper you at home just like you're pampered at the spa. more

Bathroom Remodel
- Don't Just Think Style
If building a new home is in your future, chances are you're inundated with paint chips, fabric swatches, tile samples and carpet remnants. You probably also have a collection of home magazines tagged with your favorite design more
Bathrooms are a Home's True Underachievers
A leading researcher in trends related to kitchens and baths, says its data shows that most Americans have plenty of work to do if they are to catch up with the bathroom ideal. For example only 14 percent of American homes' master bathrooms have a stand-alone tub and separate shower stall. That compares with (an estimated) 98 percent of the bathrooms shown in the average home-decorating magazine! more
Bathrooms That Make You Go 'Ahhh'
At Home Vertical Spas, which incorporate multiple showerheads, water diverters and sophisticated temperature control systems, are perhaps the biggest trend in today's baths. They offer the relaxation and luxury of a whirlpool spa, but without the time required to fill a large tub. And they still function as an ordinary shower for times when functionality is all-important. more
Be Safe When Performing Home Improvement Projects
According to recent annual statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission, more than 157,000 people were injured in incidents relating to using ladders in their homes. Nearly 100,000 received treatment for hand saw-related and power saw-related injuries. Screwdrivers claimed about 10,000 victims and hammers pounded wounds in more than 42,000 more
Create a Sanctuary in Your Bathroom
There are a few questions you should ask yourself: "Is the showerhead at a comfortable height and does it provide adequate pressure and water coverage? Is the bathtub big enough? Do the fixtures look good and are they easy to clean? Are there enough towel bars? Do you have well-organized storage space?" more

Everyday Showers Can Be Purely Luxurious -- Nine Simple Upgrades That Won't Drain Your Budget

Each day, millions of us choose showering as our bathing ritual, and Americans have been using the same basic shower since the 19th century.
After all this time and trillions of hours showering, the residential market has finally turned its attention to the luxury shower
. Oh sure, we once thought soap on rope and a water massage showerhead was upgrading our builder-specified bathroom, but no longer! more
Got a Weekend -
Get a New Bath
Did you know that bath redecorating projects are responsible for more marital strife than any other home improvement project? Why? The bath -- the most popular room in the house -- is typically torn up for weeks, even months, at a time; but if you plan ahead carefully before beginning any work, your bath redecorating project doesn't have to end in three months of heartbreak and marital more
Make a Statement in Your
Bath with Stylish Accessories
Avocado green and burnt orange are two colors you should see in the produce aisle -- not in your bathroom. If you take a step back to the 1970s every time you take a step into your bathroom, don't worry. One of the quickest -- and most simple -- ways to update your bathroom's style is by replacing the more
Make Your Guests Feel at Home - Tips for Preventing Accidents in the Bath -- Without Sacrificing Style
Grab bars should be installed near the tub or shower and next to the toilet for a universally-safe bath. Whether it's for young children just starting to shower on their own, the elderly, or someone suffering from a sports injury or recovering from surgery, grab bars are items that are easy to install and a huge helping hand more
Put a Fresh Face on Your Bath with a Bathroom Makeover

A vanity can provide a great facelift for your bath. If you have a small bath, look for white or light-colored vanities. Going from a dark wood to a lighter color vanity will brighten up the entire room. "As for style, the new trend in vanities is an open bottom with recessed shelving underneath for linens, baskets and bath more
Quick Tips for Simple Bathroom Makeovers

Bathroom design made easy. To make your bathroom your own, first determine how you want your bathroom to work and how you want to feel while you are in your space.
Secondly, decide if you are someone who likes to frequently change your decorations to follow seasons or trends, or if you prefer a classic style that involves little or no more


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