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Gone are the days of the small, efficient bathing area. Today we want to have at least one bathroom suite in our homes. There are so many innovations in home improvement these days, especially when it comes to our kitchens and baths.

We are quickly moving away from the one-bathroom home. We are also not satisfied with the little powder room that used to be a great attraction for people shopping for homes. The little powder room has grown and the traditional bathing area is gradually turning into a bathroom suite.

This gradual progression from the simple bathing room to the bathroom suite is apparent to anyone who watches the Home and Garden Television Network found in their local cable programming. More and more shows are dedicating themselves to the bathing area of the home. In fact, the Home and Garden Television Network has created shows dedicated to this realm of the home.

I have come across so many interesting and appealing ideas for my own home through watching these programs. With the right planning and with a lot of patience, I hope to create a bathroom suite that will serve as a sanctuary in our home.

One item that I really want is a claw-foot tub. I love the traditional look and its timeless appeal but I also love that these tubs can include cutting-edge features like a whirlpool jets built right in. You can have the classic beauty of the claw-foot tub with the modern amenities that make a bath a bathroom suite.

Of course, there are many other options for the bath tub. There are free-standing tubs that set on a table. This is an attractive look for a modern bathroom suite but the plumbing may be a little difficult to install and it can be very expensive as well.

Another attractive tub found on the bath programs is a tub that is built into the floor. The problem with this, in my estimation is safety. I just picture a guest who is unfamiliar with the bathroom suite falling into the subtle tub.

I do like the idea of sticking with tradition. Consider, though that just a few decades ago people were using outhouses. In fact, my great-great grandmother was disgusted by the idea of using indoor

bathroom facilities. She firmly believed that some activities should be completed far away from where the family ate and slept. We certainly have come a long way from the outhouse to the bathroom suite in a relatively short amount of time.

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