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In planning a room decor the color values should be divided into the natural divisions of the heaviest, or darkest, part at the bottom, which is the floor; the medium color tone in the middle, which is the wall; and the lightest at the top, which is the ceiling. This keeps the room from seeming top-heavy and gives the necessary feeling of support for the wall and ceiling.

The walls and floor serve as a background and should not be insistent or startling in color; and the size and height of the room, the amount of wall space, the position of doors and windows, the quantity and quality of the light will all be factors in the color scheme and materials chosen.

The amount of wall space and the quality and the quantity of the light are important factors in deciding the color scheme because by using them correctly we can brighten a cheerless, dark room or soften the blaze in a too sunny one.

If the light is a cold dreary one from the north, the room will be vastly improved if warm, cheerful colors are used: warm ivory, deep cream color, soft or bright yellow without any greenish tinge in it, soft yellow pinks (there is a hard pink which is very ugly), yellow green (but not olive), and tones of golden tan. It is the dash of yellow in these colors which makes them cheerful and gives the impression of sunlight.

Cool colors should be used in bright and sunny rooms—blues, greens, grays, grayish tans, and those delightful colors, old ivory, and soft deep cream color and linen color. Colors with a tone of yellow in them are easier to use than cold blues and greens and violets, for the yellow tinge, be it ever so little, brings them into relation with the majority of woods used in floors and furniture frames.

Light colors make a room seem larger by apparently making the walls recede, and dark colors make it seem smaller, as they make us conscious of the walls and so seem to bring them nearer.

Any very bright room may have dark walls to soften the glare, but if it has to be used by artificial light it will then be heavy and cheerless in effect; and so a better choice would be some soft neutral color of medium or lighter color values, such as gray green.

* Artful color and decorative schemes can bring your bathroom to life.
* Delicate fittings, clear glass and pale wood combine to create a clean fresh look.
* You can liven up a plain look by adding a checkered effect to the floor and shower walls.
* A simple layout with a few colorful touches can create a soothing, relaxing bathroom.
* When buying bath-mats, bath-robes, bath-slippers, bath-towels, wash-cloths and hand-towels, it is easy to keep in mind the color-scheme of your room, and by following it out, the general appearance of your suite is immensely improved.

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Don't forget you spend quite a lot of time in the bathroom so choose your decor carefully and make it as relaxing and comfy a place that you desire it to be.

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