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Add Affordable Luxuries to Your Home Now and Reap the Benefits at Resale Time
The consensus of opinion among realtors is that there are a few key improvements that can be done to substantially increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell it. But why wait to make repairs and enhancements until you want to sell when the upgrades will improve the quality of your life today?

Bathroom Remodel - Don't Just Think Style
When doing a bathroom remodel make sure you choose quality products when designing your bathroom. Fixtures, tubs, plumbing, toilets, showers, flooring, and paint are all addressed.

Bathroom Remodeling Made Easy
These days, you can't turn on the TV without viewing a new episode of home improvement shows like "Trading Spaces" or "Hometime."
A report issued this year by Harvard's Joint Center for Housing Studies calls home improvement the new "great national pastime." In 2001, Americans spent an estimated $214 billion on home improvements, maintenance and repairs. All indicators point to this remodeling-mania continuing for sometime.

Bathrooms are a Home's True Underachievers
Research shows Americans are slow to invest in major bathroom remodels, but new products can enhance an existing bathroom. Judging by the myriad of magazines, decorating shows and how-to books that assail the average homeowner, it's easy to believe that Americans live in the lap of lavatory luxury. It's a world of gold-plated, claw-footed soaking tubs, special steam showers and huge, double-sink vanities in everyone's home but yours, right?

Bathrooms That Make You Go 'Ahhh'
New luxury and convenience items provide for the perfect home retreat. If there is one room in the house that has been completely redefined in recent years it is the bathroom. Kitchens are still for cooking, living rooms are still for living and rec rooms are still for recreation. But the bathroom has evolved so far beyond its traditional functions that to truly reflect its current status in many homes, "spa room" or the "retreat" might be

Be Safe When Performing Home Improvement Projects
While the number of "weekend warriors" who choose to perform home improvement projects on their own has grown dramatically over the years, unfortunately, so have the number of injuries.

Create a New Bathroom for Under $50
What do you consider the most forgotten room in your house? For many people, the answer is the bathroom. It gets a lot of use, but many of us live in houses where the bathrooms are sorely outdated.Yet having an attractive and well-designed one can make your daily routine that much more pleasant. Remodeling costs are high, and a lot of us don't have the time or ....

Create a Sanctuary in Your Bathroom
If you weren't busy running errands, chasing after the kids or staying late at work, where would you be? On a deserted island? A cruise? How about your bathroom?
Yes, that's right -- your bathroom.

Everyday Showers Can Be Purely Luxurious -- Nine Simple Upgrades That Won't Drain Your Budget
Each day, millions of us choose showering as our bathing ritual, and Americans have been using the same basic shower since the 19th century. After all this time and trillions of hours showering, the residential market has finally turned its attention to the luxury shower. Oh sure, we once thought soap on rope and a water massage showerhead was upgrading our builder-specified bathroom, but no longer!

Got a Weekend - Get a New Bath
Affordable Bath Updates for the Do-It-Yourselfer. Did you know that bath redecorating projects are responsible for more marital strife than any other home improvement project? Why? The bath -- the most popular room in the house -- is typically torn up for weeks, even months, at a time; but if you plan ahead carefully before beginning any work, your bath redecorating project doesn't have to end in three months of heartbreak and marital disharmony.

Help Seniors Maintain Their Independence at Home
There's something almost magical about starting the day with a warm soothing soak in the tub. A nice bath not only allows us to feel and be at our best, it gives us the strength and confidence to get the most out of each and every day. And as we get older, a rejuvenating bath can be just what we need to restore self-esteem and independence, giving us comfort and the quality of life every one of us is entitled to and deserves.

It's Easy to Add a New Shower in Your Bath
One person can install a new shower and shower door in less than a day.If you think you're stuck with your bathroom's old, dingy shower or none at all, think again. There are now modestly priced showering systems and shower doors that are easy for homeowners to install themselves in less than a day.

Make a Statement in Your Bath with Stylish Accessories
Updating the Look of Your Bath is Quick & Simple. Avocado green and burnt orange are two colors you should see in the produce aisle -- not in your bathroom. If you take a step back to the 1970s every time you take a step into your bathroom, don't worry.

Make Your Guests Feel at Home Tips for Preventing Accidents in the Bath -- Without Sacrificing Style
Before you know it, your house will be filled with friends and family who've come over to help you celebrate the holidays. You've probably already given some thought to cleaning the place up to get ready; but that may not be all you need to do. Ask yourself, "Will all of my guests be safe in the bathroom?"

Pamper Yourself with a Luxurious Bathroom
The median age of America's homes is 25, making most American bathrooms relics. No room has changed more dramatically in the past few years. It has moved from a utilitarian necessity to the absolute center of personal relaxation and pampering, while a powder room, now considered a necessity, i often the quintessential showcase of a homeowner's distinctive decorating style.

Personalizing Your Next Kitchen or Bathroom Makeover
Kitchen and bathroom design ideas focussing on faucets. Tips for picking out the best faucets for sinks or bathroom showers are included. There are certain things you can always count on this time of year -- warmer temperatures outside, birds flying home after a long winter, more daylight and people getting the itch to finally renovate that kitchen or bathroom that's

Powder Rooms Grab More Attention
They might be the smallest rooms in many homes, but powder rooms today are getting more than their share of attention as evidenced by the growing number of homes being built with a powder room (approximately 84 percent according to research by Moen Incorporated) and the large percentage of remodeling projects focused around them.

Put a Fresh Face on Your Bath with a Bathroom Makeover
Money-Saving Ideas for Sprucing Up the Bath. A new look, the latest colors, and an updated style -- yes, we are talking about a makeover, but not for you . . . for your bath! It's amazing what a huge impact you can make by sprucing up an outdated bath. And, the best news is that you can do it without major expense or massive effort. Many people are jumping on the low-cost, bath enhancement bandwagon, and with good reason.

Stop Wasting Water -- Replace Your Toilet Today
Want to save money on your water bill? You don't have to stop taking daily showers or cut down on the number of laundry loads you wash per week, but you may want to replace

Style Solutions from Celebrity Designer Vern Yip- Quick Tips for Simple Bathroom Makeovers
Celebrity designer Vern Yip (from Trading Spaces) offers a variety of quick and inexpensive solutions to make updating your bathroom a simple day or weekend project this summer. Bathroom design made easy.

Suite Bathrooms
Getting ready of thinking about remodeling your bathroom? First you need to start with the budget and then the bathroom design. If you weren't busy running errands, chasing after the kids or staying late at work, where would you be? On a deserted island? A cruise? How about your bathroom? Yes, that's right -- your bathroom.

The Lap of Affordable Luxury: Lavish Baths Achieved by Focusing on Basics
Bathrooms are becoming one of the most luxurious spaces in today's homes. Often inspired by the lavish Grecian baths seen in prestigious spas and hotels, homeowners want to create a serene and relaxing retreat in their own home to escape for a ...

The Modern Steam Bath -- A Healing Remedy for Stress
One of the oldest healing remedies in the world, steam baths have been used for centuries to promote health and vitality. Hippocrates, the father of medicine, encouraged the practice saying "Give me the power to create a fever, and I shall cure any disease."

Thinking About Adding a Bathroom
Bathroom design ideas and tips for when you want to add a new bathroom to your home.So you're thinking about adding another bathroom to your home. There are many reasons to contemplate this project, ranging from an elderly parent moving in, to your teenagers' constant fights over the current bathroom, to wanting more space to accommodate guests.

Tips for Creating a Bathroom with Vintage Style and Modern Function
Home fashion has come full circle. Many design trends first made popular in the 1920s are back in vogue and stronger than ever. For example, the cottage-style home, a blend of farmhouse and bungalow that is best defined by the simple clean lines of the 1920s, has enjoyed a resurgence in popularity in recent years. The American Furniture Manufacturers Association has identified cottage style as a popular new direction for home furnishings. The cozy cottage look speaks to consumers who are seeking comfortable, easy-to-live-with styling.

Today's Low-flow Toilets Work and Save Water
When your are planning your next bathroom design consider using low flow toilets. They come in a variety of designs and conserve water, which is a plus for our environment and ....

Transform Your Bathroom into a Beautiful Retreat
Bathroom design ideas to help you turn your bath room into a beautiful retreat.It's that crowded little room you rush around in every day as you get ready for work, but have you considered that your bathroom could be so much more?

Transform Your Bathroom into A Personal Home Spa
If your mind, body and soul are in desperate need of renewal, where will you turn for help? The automatic response used to be, "I'll be at the spa for a couple of hours, dear;" but with a day at the spa costing upwards of $400, nowadays many people are turning to another place for peace and tranquility.

Whirlpool Tub Care and Cleaning Just Got Easier

Stressed out consumers are finding an antidote for hectic schedules in an unlikely place. They're outfitting their bathrooms with whirlpool tubs designed to soothe frazzled psyches with jets of soothing water. Record numbers of new home buyers are specifying more and larger bathrooms, which are ideal for spacious whirlpools.

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