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Two Minute DIY Solution for an Invigorating Shower

Bathroom design ideas made simple. Bathroom improvements offer a huge return on your investment especially if you do them yourself.

Homeowners usually target the bathroom when they set out to spruce the home up, according to a survey by Kitchen and Bath Business magazine. Bathroom improvements offer a dramatic return on the investment, especially when they are handled as do-it-yourself projects.

A conspicuous improvement for minimal cost is to correct the showerhead that has lost half its showering capacity because of hard-water scale deposits that clog the holes. Thousands of showerheads are replaced each year when a quick cleaning would restore them to like-new performance.

"Deposits in the water begin closing the spray openings almost immediately", explains Alison Gutterman of Jelmar, maker of CLR Calcium, Lime and Rust Remover. "Spray patterns and water pressure can be restricted with a build-up of these hard-scale deposits, and the invigorating spray becomes a weak drizzle."

A common --and expensive -- mistake, says Gutterman, is to replace the showerhead. "Proper cleaning and maintenance is easier and less expensive than buying a new one," she points out.

There are two simple and fast ways to clean a crusty showerhead. Mix equal amounts of CLR and warm water in a cup or small bowl. Hold it up to the showerhead to submerge and soak for two minutes. Rinse it thoroughly with clean water. Repeat the process if necessary.

Showerheads typically can also be safely removed with the water turned off at the faucet; it usually is not necessary to turn the main water off, but check your own system to be sure. Usually, a showerhead can be unscrewed with just hand pressure. If rusted or corroded, it might need a few drops of penetrating oil. If you need a wrench to start it, you can tape the showerhead to prevent marring. Soak the showerhead in CLR for approximately two minutes and rinse it thoroughly with clean water. That's all there is to it. You'll find that CLR dissolves or loosens the clogging residue and restores your showerhead to its full vigor.
CLR is available at most mass, drug and food stores.

Here are some other ideas for quickly improving the look of your bathroom:

* Clean the crusty white buildup off of the shower doors with CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner. It can easily be sprayed on and wiped off to remove the white film from the glass and make the shower doors look like new.

* Rejuvenate your bathroom fixtures by removing any soap scum or mineral deposits that have accumulated with CLR Bathroom & Kitchen Cleaner. In just a couple minutes, those impossible to clean areas will be a problem of the past.

* Re-decorate the bathroom with new accessories -- hang a new valence, replace the soap dispenser, towel rack and wastebasket, and add a framed picture or glass shelf.

* Give the walls a fresh coat of paint with a new color to update and revitalize the space.

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