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Add Affordable Luxuries to Your Home Now and Reap the Benefits at Resale Time

The consensus of opinion among realtors is that there are a few key improvements that can be done to substantially increase the value of your home when the time comes to sell it. But why wait to make repairs and enhancements until you want to sell when the upgrades will improve the quality of your life today?

Definitely, the prime home improvement projects that increase home resale value are updating your kitchen and bathrooms.

A new full bathroom can increase the resale value of your home by as much as 130 percent of its cost, while kitchen renovations can add up to 95 percent of their cost to the value of your home at resale time. Other "enjoy now and reap the benefits later" improvements are adding a fireplace, which will add a whopping 160 percent of its cost to your home's value, or upgrading landscaping and adding a deck.

Don't bother with that swimming pool, however, unless it is really important to you now, because you will only get back about 44 percent of its value at resale time. When updating your kitchen with the focus on enjoying it now, concentrate on new products that will enhance your daily activities.

New appliances such as refrigerators with ice cube makers and filtered, chilled water on demand, indoor grills and duel fuel ranges, along with warming drawers and food warming heat lamps are features you can look for when replacing older, worn out equipment. Cabinets can be cleaned, painted or re-faced and fashionable new knobs can be installed. The addition of an island will increase your workspace while new flooring and countertops will change the entire mood of the kitchen.

Now is the time to retouch or repaint the kitchen if the color is dated or the paint quality is poor. All this will allow you to enjoy your home more today and, of course, add to the resale value in the future. The bath is a room that is increasingly becoming the most enjoyable and luxurious room in the home.
Baths should not only look good, they need to make you feel good as well. Many new items found in today's bathrooms not only make your day-to-day living more enjoyable, but can also be energy efficient enhancements.

Roomy showers with multiple fixed and handheld shower heads, steam baths, and whirlpool tubs operated with continuous hot water on demand are nice. So are towel radiators that provide extravagant, warm, fluffy towels to pamper you at home just like you're pampered at the spa.
Towel radiators come in a large variety of styles and finishes to match the furnishings of any bathroom.
The addition of new sinks combined with unusual stand-alone furniture pieces and flooring completes your renovated oasis. Recouping your remodeling investment may not be your goal when you add innovative furnishings and appliances to your home. But when it comes to resale value, kitchen and bathroom improvements consistently return the most resale value and almost always help sell a house.

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