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Sumptuous bathrooms are not modern inventions, on the contrary the bath was a religion with the ancient Greeks, and a luxury to the early Italians.

Decorating can be such a chore especially if you rush it and make a mess of things. Try making it into a little project, by that I mean first plan it carefully and do it in stages. This way you only have to get the required items for each stage and then complete the stage before moving on to the next. Plus, this way, you don't clutter-up your house or garage for months with unused parts.

The planning bit is very important. Break each stage into a numbered checklist where each action has to be done in sequence. Do it - Tick it - Next action.

There's nothing worse than to have to start undoing things because you missed something e.g taking out cupboards to connect a pipe or wire a socket which you suddenly realise needed to be done. Come on...we've all done it.

What's the next most annoying thing... choosing the correct and most suitable furniture or parts. You spend hours trudging around those shops with the annoying salesperson driving you crazy....

This is where we come in.
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